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Nottingham Jazz Festival – NOT the Montreux Jazz Festival – Beeston JazzClub

I am excited to reveal that I have been involved alongside Beeston JazzClub in organising a Jazz Festival in Nottingham later this year.  The two day festival is to be held at Bartons’ historic venue as one of their ‘NOT’ series of events on the 24th and 25th of October 2014:

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Vera Lynn D Day 70th Anniversary Tribute

I often sight Vera Lynn as one of my biggest influences when growing up.   You could say her tapes and records were my first singing teacher so I am also very lucky I know, that thanks to the cyclic nature of fashion, the music I loved as a child and teenager (which was unlike all of my peers) is now so en vogue I can make a living singing the same treasured repertoire!  It being 70 years since D Day in a few days time, my videos and recordings featuring Vera’s songs seem to be gaining a lot of hits, so I thought I would compile them all below.

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Is Jazz Doomed?

Is it a dying art? Are the audience all old? Obviously this has been discussed before recently, in The Independent, but I have just read a brilliant, witty article in All About Jazz, stereotyping the different Careers in Jazz and their ultimate futility.  It states that University courses are pumping out highly talented musicians into a performance environment, within which there is little demand for, or appreciation of their skills; “People who want to play jazz actually outnumber those who enjoy or even tolerate it, let alone pay to hear it.”  I do largely agree with this pessimistic analysis but I think the described audience numbers are flawed.

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Nottingham Jazz

Hey ho one and all,

Summer appears to be staying with us for the time being thankfully as I have a run of outdoor gigs in Nottingham this weekend: Read the rest of this page »

Youngest Pianist in the World

Hi one and all!

Apologies for the radio silence – I barely manage to turn on the computer these days, and even more rarely have both hands available to type (with my beautiful baby hanging off me pretty much 24/7) but I wanted to share this video that we filmed, mainly for our function work, but unashamedly incorporating the super cuteness of our respective children in the hope of global video viral domination….

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x Jeanie