Another Soundtrack in the Cannes!

We had a fascinating time in the bizarre Martini-drinking parallel-universe that is the Cannes Film Festival; an hectic, idyllic yet oppressive festival – a fulcrum of fakery in which we were 2 of more than 30,000 badge wearing ‘professionals in the film industry’ (we tried to blend in)..

The screening of Samuel Street was in Palais I within the vast Palais des Festivals et des Congrès; it is still work in progress and we were told will have another premiere in London after some changes.

While there, we met up with our friend (my regular London based pianist) Joe Bickerstaff who happened to be working in Monaco; we played for an hour together at the Martinez Hotel which was great fun.  In a bizarre turn of events, it so happens one of the people in the bar enjoying our set was the father of Hollywood based French comedian, actor and producer Franck Amiack, who was filming a comedy short film at the festival.  I gave free EPs to people who enjoyed our show and, after listening to it in the car, Franck emailed my website yesterday to ask if he might use my recording of Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps in this new film?  I have of course agreed, so you never know we may be invited to another premiere next year!