Beeston Arts and Events

Some may already be aware that I have spent a fair bit of time over the last 4 years helping my local high street in Beeston, Nottingham by organising street art attractions.  My hobby of being a Mary Portas wannabe probably stems from my career in retail before committing to a full time career in the arts, also to my missing the vibrancy of our previous home town in Crouch End, North London and realising there is actually a very similar creative scene up here in this rather eccentric town in the East Midlands.

I started Beeston Street Art in 2017 and, with the help of Beeston and District Civic Society, we have raised money for 44 artworks so far, the most recent being a lightwork made in neon called #alightinBeeston.

Here is a fantastic film taken by local film maker Lucy Hallam that shows what went on last weekend at its launch:

Our event also made the BBC News

I am so proud of how my community has embraced these harebrained arts activities and events and, while I sadly have to step back from event organising and indeed most of my music for family reasons for the foreseeable future, they are already taking the baton and running with it planning a similar event next year.

I hope other towns get some inspiration from what we have achieved – high streets are integral to community, connection and happiness I feel.  Xj