Beeston Street Art Festival

[Picture mocked-up by group member Jim Donaghie]

Again slightly off the jazz singing/songwriting topic, I thought I’d let you know about a project I am involved in progressing.

My home town of Beeston in Nottingham (where I was born and lived until I was 18, when I moved to Warwick University for 3 years and then on to London, where I lived for 14 years, until I moved back up here with my husband and son 3 years ago – you can work out my age now right?) is changing rapidly.  After the NET tram descended on us (nightmare upheaval) the dust is thankfully now settling and the council are allowing some great new local developments, including my family firm’s Barton Quarter.

Myself and a group of residents started lobbying for Street Art to improve our dated town centre.  Beeston Square’s old 1960s dark walls (down Station Road and adjacent to the tram interchange) badly need an aesthetic lift; therefore we are planning a potential Street Art Festival for 2018 as a community regeneration project:

Street Artists Now Invited to Submit Designs for Beeston Street Art Festival

*Submission Deadline August 31st 2017*

Broxtowe Council have an ‘art budget’ set aside which is £8k (subject to committee approval).  We are now inviting artists to submit their designs!  They will ultimately be chosen by the council and its planning department but will be shown to the public who should have some say.

To have the best chance of being chosen for this paid commission we suggest your designs are naturalist not brutalist. It may also be advantageous to perhaps incorporate Beeston and Chilwell’s heritage and character somehow?

Here are links that will assist you to that end – this Blue Plaque booklet illustrates the area’s history and notable personalities now deceased:

In this Dropbox folder is information about the walls in question and more local info (pictures of the buildings that were demolished for the current 1960s Square we are trying to improve plus more famous residents not featured in the Blue Plaque booklet):

We are excited to be already attracting approaches from international professionals but welcome interest from anyone near or far!

Please submit your designs to me at

Also join our Facebook group ‘Beeston Street Art Festival’ to stay in touch.

Please circulate this information with anyone you think may be interested in taking part – I look forward to hearing from you!

Best of luck! xj

PS.  The last local festival I was involved in organising was a Jazz Festival at Bartons in 2014 so you can expect an aural feast alongside the art construction this time around from performers of all genres!