Coronavirus Lockdown Lifts series of online requests virtual busking

Hi all,

Firstly I hope you and yours are keeping well – so many people have suffered through this virus and my heart goes out to anyone who is ill or bereaved.  Like all self employed people working in the entertainment industry the government’s coronavirus lockdown has put me out of work.  We don’t know at this stage whether the VE 75 weekend events are cancelled – I feel it likely they will be, but they are currently still in my diary.  Many other events have been postponed indefinitely but I’ve kept them in my events page with a predicted new date.  I’m not going to lie, this is a disaster.  We have little choice but to button down the hatches, reduce our expenditure to a bare minimum and wait it out staying safe at home.

While waiting and to keep up my spirits and others’ I started doing song requests at my piano on my Facebook page.  One of them went, well, viral with almost 18,000 views in just a few weeks – a cover of Glen Miller’s In the Mood renamed Lift Your Mood – I’ve taken to rewriting a number of songs to fit the circumstances…  I’ve uploaded all these requests to a new playlist on my YouTube channel too now and added them to my Instagram.

Let me know if you have any requests and I will do my best.  Having lost all my income for the foreseeable I’d me most grateful if you would drop a tip in my PayPal hat for this virtual busking – I know others are suffering financially too though so don’t feel it is compulsory, just very much appreciated if it is possible.

My 3 albums (The Magical Mirror, Jazz and Cocktails and Moments of Clarity) are still in stock and can be streamed via the usual services or CDs bought direct via my records page – I’m sure everyone’s consumption of music, films and TV has increased and it has become even more obvious how vital the arts are to our health and happiness.  I do hope people come out the other side of this with a renewed respect and appreciation for venues and performers and also (having had some time off the hamster wheel of work) reassess what is important to us all – our friends, family, community and play time over the mindless consumption of material things –  we are hypnotised to indulge in greed by our capitalist system of globalisation.

This time of stillness and reflection will hopefully help the planet, nature and the climate and also our species, who will hopefully find a new, more enlightened direction.

Stay safe and best wishes xj