Highs and Lows

On 26th January we premiered a show comprised entirely of my original songs; the response from the audience at Pizza Express The Pheasantry on Kings Road, Chelsea, London was potentially the most energised I have experienced so far in my music career – people were laughing, crying, whooping and clapping/stamping in equal measure.  It was such an honour to present my original compositions and the stories behind the songs alongside my wonderful band, featuring Paul Gray on bass and Ian Beestin on drums with Tony Kofi guesting on alto sax.

I’ve called this show Highs and Lows as, emotionally speaking, that is the journey (much like everyone’s life experiences..)  But also because my vocal range is often commented on – I very much enjoy singing as low as I can and as high as I can as a party trick (I have a range of over 4 octaves).

Here’s a video clip of the end of the first set featuring two songs from my upcoming EP #thegriefsessions to be released very soon.  I’ve edited in some photos by Luke Rayner.

We are now touring this show, here is the set list for reference including links to listen to recordings of the songs on YouTube – many of my songs including I Won’t Ask, Can I think of Love, Don’t Assume That I’m blue, Carcass, Who Want’s to Live Forever and Convenience have been playlisted as BBC Introducing Tracks of the Week:

I won’t ask

Cruel competition

The magical mirror

Don’t assume that I’m blue


I cry in my car

Lonely like the moon




Moments of clarity

Who wants to live forever

Scared of the keys


Save the arts



These and more original songs plus jazz covers can be streamed/bought via my Records page (albums The Magical Mirror and Moments of Clarity contain the majority of my compositions).  I hope you enjoy listening and please do recommend us to a venue you love. xj