New Album en route Moments of Clarity

Bassist Simon Paterson and I had been aiming for an EP release earlier this year but we soon realised we had more material to share and decided to hold out to bring you a full LP in the fall.  We have spent a lot of studio time crafting these original songs; I’m on keys and vocals with Simon on bass featuring guests Tony Kofi on alto sax and Hugh Pascall on trumpet. The album is now being mixed/produced with some magical music technology features (thanks to Simon’s status as Music Technology professor at Nottingham University, this CD is my most experimental yet.)

The songs are all my compositions apart from Weeks of Wonder, which is a writing collaboration with Simon Paterson, and the last track is a cover of a song by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood, which was a big hit for the Hollies:

Who Wants to Live Forever
Moments of Clarity
Weeks of Wonder
I am Home
The Air That I Breathe

We will keep you posted as to progress and hope to have a release date available soon! Xj