New Album en route Moments of Clarity

Bassist Simon Paterson and I worked together on a the single Who Wants To Live Forever? Featuring Tony Kofi on alto sax which inspired us to record an EP; but we soon realised we had more material to share and so decided to hold out to bring you a full LP!  We have spent 2 years of studio time crafting these original songs; I’m on keys and vocals with Simon on bass, percussion and synths. As well and Tony Kofi guesting we also have a song featuring Hugh Pascall on trumpet.  The album features some astonishing electro-orchestral sounds (thanks to Simon’s status as Music Technology professor at Nottingham University) so this release is my most experimental yet and I can’t wait to share it with you – please stay tuned – hopefully it will drop within the next month or so!

The songs are all my compositions (apart from Weeks of Wonder, which is a writing collaboration with Simon Paterson) and track 8, which is a cover of a song by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood, best known as a hit for the Hollies:

  1. Soon
  2. Convenience (feat. Hugh Pascall on trumpet)
  3. Who Wants to Live Forever? (Feat. Tony Kofi on alto sax)
  4. Rainbows
  5. Moments of Clarity
  6. I am Home
  7. Weeks of Wonder (Paterson/Barton)
  8. The Air That I Breathe
  9. Acoustic mix: Moments of Clarity
  10. Radio Edit: Who Wants to Live Forever? (Feat. Tony Kofi on alto sax)
  11. Radio Edit: Weeks of Wonder (Paterson/Barton)

We will keep you posted as to progress and hope to have a release date available soon! Xj